Monday, October 20, 2008

WE WENT ON A DATE! (kinda 3 actually)

Can you tell how exciting it was for us? We went on our first real, plan to go out without kids and be back in HOURS date (since Elias was born)! We went to Bottineau and ate Chinese and went to Walmart! We also took pictures by Tommy the Turtle! It was great fun! Yeah for dates!
Grandma Cathy came up for a visit this weekend! It was so nice to have her visit! Joel and I were able to get away! (Elias finally takes a bottle!) We got some apples peeled and in the freezer! Gma took the boys for a long walk and I got to peel apples with Joel (kinda like a date). And we even got to go on a walk kid free while Gma played with the boys! much us time!
Thank you so much for coming up! It was so nice to have you here! Come back again soon!

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CJ Olson said...

That's so nice! What a nice gift that Grandma Cathy did for you!! Glad that you got to spend some time alone together! :-)