Saturday, April 25, 2009


I had so many pictures from going to my (emily's) parents' and the boys in their matching jammies...Elias' face smashed up against the glass door and the boys in the wagon from my childhood...Corbin playing in my old sandbox and riding my old bike...riding my dad's 3 wheeler...Elias' teeth...Elias crawling and walking with help! And while taking pictures of a hideous sculpture in Rugby, my camera told me that the format was incorrect! AAAAHHHHHH! So I lost all those pictures...every single one of least 300! I guess this will put my memory to the test...will I remember without a picture for proof?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Make the Donuts

On Thursday morning, Joel was getting ready to go to work and as always Corbin asked him where he was going. He told Corbin that he was going to church to "make the donuts". Corbin repeated it a few times and then we went on with our day. When Joel came home to pick something up, Corbin immediately asked dad about the donuts. He really thought Joel was going to make donuts! We tried to explain to him that dad was just making money...but Corbin didn't get that. So, when Joel came home for the day, he was expecting donuts....which Joel didn't have. Corbin was devastated! He wanted donuts, now! I distracted him by taking him to the store, or so I thought. He told everyone in the store that we were there to buy donuts. Yet again he was devastated when we didn't buy them there. So, being he keeps bringing it up, we really feel like we might have to make some donuts....because now we are craving them, too!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tickley Teeth

So, I just hear the absolute cutest noise coming from the bathroom. I heard a "hehehehe" and "hahahaha". I listened a little closer and Joel was having Corbin brush his teeth and they were "tickling" his teeth were laughing, "hehehe"! Isn't that cute? What a wonderful daddy!

Mommy and Son Date

Last night, Corbin and I went to the movie in town. It was Monsters vs. Aliens. Corbin was so intently watching that he barely ate his popcorn and gummies! Elias got to go hang out with the M's...which was perfect!


Helping Hands

Corbin helped himself to a few pieces of bread for breakfast and sat next to Elias, ripped a few tiny pieces for him and SHARED!!!! ("share" rarely happens in our house)

Shock came over us when Corbin helped feed Elias lunch! He was so cute about it. He filled the fork all the way full and tried shoving it in Elias' mouth...and sometimes he would even lick it first (maybe trying to make sure it wasn't too hot)!

Elias "Walking"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beautiful Spring Day

Corbin on his "bike". He rode over to Bible study this morning with Joel, to the church and home this morning. He enjoyed all of it and really did a great job!

Today, we broke out of the house for hours and hours! It was such a beautiful day I actually let Corbin take off his hat and coat! I probably could have let him run around in shorts and a t-shirt. It was so nice!

I let Elias go in the grass and he took off! He didn't mind the feeling of the grass on his fingers (for the first time) at all! He was all over the yard, putting every piece of grass and leaf and sand in his mouth!

For almost two weeks, Corbin looks out his window during nap and says "sandbox" over and over. Finally, he and his sandbox were reunited!

First Trip to Tastee Freeze


Easter Morning

Story about the empty tomb.

Easter toys instead of baskets (we don't need any more candy).

Easter Egg Hunt at the park

RADA put on an Easter Egg Hunt at the city park on Saturday. Corbin really enjoyed looking for all the eggs and being Joel helped hide them, he knew were some were.

Full of candy.

S is home and this is the first time Corbin has seen her! Sadly, I don't think he fully remembers her.

Finally we found some rain boots so Corbin can splash in the water!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Elias is on his knees.

Thursday Playdate

During our playdate, we played with toys, ate and dyed eggs...all while having adult conversation (and breaking up a couple of fights here and there)!!!

Corbin was very excited! He made a huge mess...but hey, he's only a kid once!

All the kiddos eggs at the end.

Tuesday Visit

E with Elias

A with Elias.

Both girls were set that Joel and I needed to get sick so that they could take care of Elias and Corbin for us. (Because when Corbin was 3 months old Joel and I (emily) were so sick that we couldn't take care of the poor kid, so we sent him over to our wonderful friends for an overnight.)

We went for our first spring walk! It felt so good! We were in need of getting some fresh air...for about the last 3 months!

A & E greeted us while on our walk and asked us to come in. We had a great time!

Match 'Em (kind of) Monday (on Friday)

I got these "matching" shirts when I was in OR. They fit them just right!
Corbin's shirt says, "Sometimes crabby, but always cute!"

Hugs for brother.

Elias' says "teething bites"...which is very fitting right now! He just got his top two front teeth in yesterday, poor kiddo!

And the boys playing the piano! Elias was up there and Corbin made sure to climb up and play too!

Thursday, April 2, 2009