Sunday, March 23, 2008

Christ Has Risen!!!

Happy Easter! We had a bit too much fun trying to get a picture!
Corbin didn't really enjoy this process!
Easter treats!
Corbin's Easter treats...
We had some eggs hidden around the house with jelly beans in them, he had to open each egg and start eating was a really long Easter egg hunt!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Joel!

Happy Birthday, Joel! I hope you got everything you wished for! It was great to put a smile on your face!!!
Some friends had us over for was really good!
They even put trick candles on the cake! We wouldn't expect anything different!
He sure had a lot of "girlfriends" by the time he was done!
But the cake was delicious, the singing was a hoot and it was a good time celebrating with friends!
Hope it was the birthday you always wanted! I love you!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

That's my boy???

Who knew that an eyelash curler would be such a great toy to an 18 month old....boy??? First, he tries his lips...doesn't seem to do much.
Then he tries his toes...doesn't do much there either.
Then he nearly pokes out an eye...just like a boy would with his bb gun! I guess he is all boy after all!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


If Corbin could choose his favorite toy at this stage in life, it would hands down be blocks! He could play with them all day! And sometimes he does! If I try to clean up the room and put his blocks away he will help put them in the bag, take the bag and dump them right back out again!
He actually does a really good job stacking them up high, then he will stand up and bump them will this belly and say "bum"!!!

road trip

Last Saturday, we met Gpa and Gma and Uncle Simon for lunch and a day of shopping! Corbin was so excited to be in a booster instead of a highchair! He was showing off like crazy!
When he realized the booster wasn't strapping him down, Gpa put him on the saddle! He didn't really seem to know what to think!
We spent some time at the play area at the mall! Corbin loved going down the tree slide! He is getting so big!

And he really liked getting to ride in this sweet buggy!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sipping his milk!

Corbin is on a cereal kick! If I open the pantry, he grabs a cereal box and puts it on the table! If I don't get a bowl and some milk out for him, he takes the box off the table and opens it in the middle of the floor and starts chowing! The cute part is that he always has to sip the milk when he is done! Such a big boy!

It's sure taking awhile....

to cook that casserole! We found out how difficult it is to cook a casserole at room temperature!!! It's impossible! So, we decided to make some spaghetti on the stove...didn't work either! What!!!! Nothing was wrong with the stove/ was just the wiring! (talk about scary!) When the kitchen was redone before me moved in, the oven was moved and that was the sorce of the problem we got to deal with on Friday! We are very lucky to have a wonderful deacon who came to our aide right away and fixed the problem!!! Now, we are eating our "mum'mumms" hot!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Caution: Organization In Progress!!!

Corbin has been such a big help in all the organizing! He cleared off the shelves for daddy!
This is almost the finished product of the storage room! Shelves are build, junk is on the shelves, and the only thing left to do is sort through a couple of boxes!!!
And this will hopefully be my scrapbooking/sewing area! I am pretty excited to have a place to go when (and if) I do get an opportunity to sneak away!
One major project down...many more to go! Why do I have to be a list-person???

Growing Up!

Corbin has turned into a big boy so quickly! We got him a comforter for his big boy bed!
And he seems to really like it!
He even gave it a tour of the living room and kitchen!
We haven't got his NEW room all put together yet, so we don't know exactly how he will do with all the changes made to his (now) play room. Hopefully he will enjoy getting a twin bed and having a new, super cool room! It will be a few months before he starts sleeping in there. I am really looking forward to decorating it!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hard Working Hubby!

This picture is kinda bad...but it is a glimpse of future organization!!! My wonderful husband spend the weekend constructing some shelving for our basement storage room! This project is the beginning of a very long adventure I will be on, sorting through the massive amounts of "stuff" we have acquired in the years we have been together (and some boxes from our childhood). It is also on the list of things to accomplish before baby #2 is born! I am so excited that we are at this point! I will post pictures of the final product...hopefully soon! Hi, ho, hi, ho....a sorting I will go! (cheesy I know...I'm just really excited!!!)

Monday, March 3, 2008

A child of few words...

...yet has so much to say!

Tricks and Christmas Presents!

Corbin and Joel have their first father/son "handshake"'s the knuckle punch! Corbin got this "gun" from his uncle for Christmas...he is finally able to press the trigger and make life as peaceful as ever! Yeah!!
Today is the day when S comes to play! Even though it's late, she brought Corbin's Christmas present!
He was so excited he won't even eat breakfast!
I love how every toy given is a noisy toy! You would think that they would have a section for silent toys...but apparently no store does, because Corbin never seem to get silent toys!
Corbin doesn't really seem to formulate words yet. He can jibber jabber on about nothing for several minutes...but no words seems to come out. Every once in a while he will say hot, dada, or "oh, wow!" But even those words are few and far between. He has a language that I just don't completely understand...sometimes I do...but usually I just say "oh" and let him carry on! I have noticed though that when I tell him to say please he almost always puts his finger up to his lips! He has his own form of sign language! At least he knows that he should say please! We will try to wait patiently for the words...until then, hopefully his sign language will continue to be evident!