Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pail Pickles and Tupperware

We visited a few families from our church yesterday. We got to try pail pickles...DELICIOUS!!!
And Corbin enjoyed playing with Tupperware!

Rockin' Relics

Monday, we went to Minot to visit someone in the hospital (and to get a new shower stall...more about that when the project is finished). On our way home, we stopped at Rockin' Relics in Rugby! It is such a fun place! They have old fashioned sodas, themed foods, and it's in an antique store!!! Mainly 40's-50's stuff...but it is really neat!
We decided that since it was a cold day...we might as well enjoy some ice cream!
Corbin really enjoyed feeding himself the ice cream! He actually got quite a bit in his mouth!!! (Screamed like crazy when we took the spoon away though!)

Yummy Pancakes

Last year, during daycare a little boy told me he wanted chocolate chips in his pancakes, so I thought, why not...then he wanted peanut butter on top...I couldn't believe that would taste good at all, so I only put it on a little bit...then he wanted syrup too!!! He said it was so I decided to try one too...and have been making them instead of "normal" pancakes! It is like a snickers bar...FOR BREAKFAST!!!

Hawk Museum

In July the Hawk Museum has a big gathering that everyone in the neighboring towns comes to. It is a pretty good time. They have a parade of all the old tractors, old fashion foods, and all kind of people selling their homemade goods. On the 22nd we went out there for another event, the fall music. We got there too late in the day though to really get in on the music, so we just took a tour of the museum again! They have several buildings full of old machinery!
This is the "general store" known for it's sausage!
Corbin got to play school! (There were some ladies that were touring the school house at the same time that said they remember bringing a potato for lunch that they would place on top of the furnace to bake it.)
Corbin found his seat in the school.
Before we left we say the sawmill was we took the tractor over there and watched. It is pretty neat! The blade is enormous! And it is run by a stream tractor. It was really fun to see, but really loud!

Beautiful Sunset!

On my way home from a week ago, I saw this beautiful sunset and had to pull over and take a picture!

Monday, September 17, 2007

She's Back!

This is the 3rd year I have watched this little squirt! She is a pretty neat character!
And I love her like crazy!
She's always got something goofy to she said, "I learned the ABCD's, you want to hear 'um?"
It's a pretty funny song, when a 5 year old sings it!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Family, friends and a sunset!

We forget to take family pictures... but today we remembered!
Our super close friends from here!

And the amazing sunset!

Take a walk with our...

In an "ideas for dates" said to "Enjoy a Fabulous Photo Frenzy" we packed up Corbin, and went on a 'date walk'!
First picture on our walk...the neighbor's yard!

makes you dizzy!

Corbin enoyed the park...
I love these pictures!

He ran down the hill (yes, there are some hills in flat ND)!

Family picture...
Our main event!
Road along the football field.
This is my favorite picture from the walk!
And I love that the leaves are turning! It was such a nice time to just walk, stop and take a picture, and talk the entire way! It was so relaxing! So, if you are looking for something to do...go for a photo frenzy adventure around your town!


Corbin enjoys playing in the sandbox in our backyard...but we need to make sure the pacifier stays in and the sand stays out!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Measuring Up

Corbin measured up for... YOU!
Today, Corbin is a 19 pound, 29 7/8th inch, cutie pie! (Can you believe it, he grew!)

Hired a Sitter!

Believe it or not, up until this week I have never hired a babysitter to come in and watch Corbin. Not because I don't trust anyone around here, but mainly because I forget it's available! On Monday, I had WMF at our church and Joel had his board meeting, so no one to watch Corbin! So, I called up a girl from our church and she jumped at the chance to take care of him! It was fun to get out of the house without a kid on my hip! Now that we know how easy it is, we are going to use her services all the time! (He was even asleep when I got home!!!)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Great Grandma Moved

Corbin and I (emily) were in Fargo this past weekend helping my grandma pack! Of course, you need to take a break for some ice cream!
We stayed at Gpa Don's & Gma Cathy's. Corbin got to help Gma Cathy do some laundry!
Corbin was a big help! We decided to pack him up with some toys!
He was really helpful when it came to sorting through drawers!
For the final goodbye, we went to the Royal Fork. (It is the place we always go with grandma! We go for Thanksgiving, Easter....any time, that's where we go! It was a great meal!)
It's weird to think that grandma is so many states away now, but I guess it just means we are going to have to take a trip out there and visit! Especially since she will soon be 90 years old!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Labor Day

We took a little trip over Labor Day. We went fishing about 30 miles away from our house at the Bisbee Coulee. We had no luck and it started to sprinkle on us...but before we left I took a few pictures.

Then we went out to eat and shopping in Devil's Lake. Corbin got to try out the fire engine!


Corbin got some bubble bath for his birthday and we thought it would be fun to see his reaction! He didn't seem to notice a difference.
He really seemed to enjoy them on his head though!