Monday, September 10, 2007

Great Grandma Moved

Corbin and I (emily) were in Fargo this past weekend helping my grandma pack! Of course, you need to take a break for some ice cream!
We stayed at Gpa Don's & Gma Cathy's. Corbin got to help Gma Cathy do some laundry!
Corbin was a big help! We decided to pack him up with some toys!
He was really helpful when it came to sorting through drawers!
For the final goodbye, we went to the Royal Fork. (It is the place we always go with grandma! We go for Thanksgiving, Easter....any time, that's where we go! It was a great meal!)
It's weird to think that grandma is so many states away now, but I guess it just means we are going to have to take a trip out there and visit! Especially since she will soon be 90 years old!

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Leingangs said...

That is so nice that you were able to go and help with the move. Corbin looks so cute standing in that box. Where did she move to?