Saturday, September 1, 2007

North Prairie Cougars

Friday night we enjoyed the first home game of the season! We have now co-oped with 3 other schools so we are quite the team (55 player)! It was nice to get out and cheer on the COUGARS!
(Sorry they aren't in order.)
Corbin just sat back and enjoyed the game!
(That sweatshirt is my favorite! He looks like a little boy! He's not a baby anymore!)
We had to leave the game early because daddy had to get ready for 5th quarter, but the Cougars won 41 to 0!!!
Corbin really enjoyed watching them run up and down the field!
Cheer for the COUGARS!
Daddy and Corbin enjoying the game!
Go #25...#50...and all the other players!
Enjoying some licorice!
That was a fun game! (We are the purple team!)

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Leingangs said...

Talking on the phone, football games and wearing ties... When did he grow up so fast?

I can't believe I am watching him get so big and we haven't even got to meet him yet. :o(