Saturday, June 27, 2009

Elias Turns One (and has a backwards birthday party)

Elias officially turned one on June 26th. We began the morning hanging out at the campground. Had breakfast and relaxed a bit. Gma & Gpa Davis went to get the stand ready for another day of concessions. Daddy, Corbin, Elias and I went shopping and hit a garage sale or two on the way. In the afternoon, Gma Cathy came and we went with her to the mall....and that is where the real fun begins! We were on our way out of the mall and saw that the weather wasn't looking very nice, so we watched the tv in the food court. There were tornado warnings, flash flood warnings and severe weather warnings! We were there told to go into the hallway of the mall and stay there until further notice...which ended up being a while! We were let out, got some supper and then told to go right back into the hallway...where we spend the next hour or so! The boys were losing there minds, people were complaining about how it's their lives and they can leave if they want was a long hour! We were let out and drove over to Joel's aunt and uncles to stay the night...being the camper was not sounding very safe.

When we woke up on Saturday (the day of Elias' party in the park), we were planning on having the party moved to a restuarant, but Betty and Leonard let us have it at there home! So we went and picked up the cake and then decorated.

We decided to have a backward party (presents first, then cake, finally food) so Janice and George could be there for the presents and cake!
Elias' first birthday cupcakes!
Ready to open up his presents.
We found this cute hat and bought it, even though we knew he wouldn't keep it on his head!

Opening his presents.

Singing Happy Birthday to the little one year old!
His cupcake...that he was not at all interested in!
Thanks to everyone for coming and celebrating!

It is amazing how fast his first year went! I still can't believe he is already one!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Back Yard Fun

It's officially summer and we have been enjoying some really hot weather! We got the pool out on Friday night to cool off.
Squirt guns!
The Corbin-Nater!!!
I was sitting on the chair with my feet in the water and the boys needed to do the same thing...except there feet don't reach.
Splish Splash

Convention 2009

We stayed with D&M&Z this year during Convention. We had so much fun! The boys had plenty of new toys to play with.

On Sunday, we went to A&R's for a graduation party/gathering.

Convention is always so much fun! Joel has to be at all the meetings, but the boys and I get to hang out with friends, relax and have fun!

This year Gma Janice and Gpa George came, too!

Thanks D&M for letting us stay with you!!!

Down on the Farm

picking Grandpa Don's radishes

the boys love the sand box, but Corbin does prefer the garden
on the garden tractor
Uncle Simon let Corbin drive

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best Father's Day Gift EVER!!

Of everything Emily and the boys gave me for Father's Day, it was nice to end with a few Ribeyes on my new grill!

Can't wait to try out my new camp stove coffee pot.

Emily was very good at keeping me in the dark about what she was getting me for Father's Day. I couldn't even get her to let me open one gift early (we are very good about opening gifts early so it took a lot of self control on her part) even with all the continued asking, she didn't cave in.

I had no idea what she got me until I opened them and saw them.
Thank you to the best wife ever!!!
I love you!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Musical Beds

Usually, we sleep in our own beds the entire night. Elias gets up once or twice still, but we put him back down in his crib to sleep the rest of the night. Last night though, only Joel slept in the assigned bed. Elias woke up coughing a bunch so Joel had him in bed between up trying to get him to settle down...he didn't. We put vicks on his chest and feet (someone told me it works...I'm still undecided) and rubbed it in for a while. He finally fell back to sleep on my side of the bed. Joel had considered bring Elias out to the couch at the beginning of his coughing spell, but found Corbin asleep on the couch. No idea why, when or how he got there! He just decided that is where he wanted to be sleeping. So, being I was kicked out of my bed, I took over Corbin's. I woke up this morning to Corbin at the foot of his bed telling me it was his bed and to get out. What a night!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Plating Flowers & Getting Wet

Truth Trek (VBS 2009)

JP the Penguin came for the 3rd year now to celebrate VBS with us! Corbin was too freaked to get near him, but Elias was willing to get within a few feet!
Games are always a bit hit. It rained and was bad weather for the first 2 days, so the kids were in the fellowship area. It worked out great!
One crew was short a few, so Joel and some of the other helpers got to play.

Not supposed to be using hands...oops!


Eating snacks outside...yummy dirt cake!
The sanctuary decorated in the desert theme!

It went so well! This year we were blessed with 63 kids! The entire week went so smoothly! I could tell that we have been working together for 3 years. All the helpers were absolutely amazing! They went above and beyond!!!