Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Christmas at the Farm '13

 Gingerbread houses

 Gifts galore! 
(pictures are blurry)

(I didn't get any pictures of Gma, Gpa, Evan or Belle...oops)

TRF Christmas '13

We had a fun theme:  UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATERS!

Grandpa and Grandma with the Grandkids
 Corbin excited to open his pile of presents!
 Elias couldn't keep the bag closed :)
 Despicable Me 2
 My Science Nerd finally got a lab coat
 Corbin needed to give Cheyanne his first carving 
No explanation needed on this picture!
Merry Christmas
We had our meatballs & lutefisk & lefse.
Then headed to the sledding hill for some good laughs.
Came back to open & steal gifts!

Christmas at Home in Platte 2013

 Winn Dixie got to wear the dress this year!

Corbin got the opportunity to help light the advent candles.

On one of our shopping trips Elias got on his "shoes" and we headed out to the store.  When he was hopping out of the van, this was the sight I saw.
Christmas Eve morning Joel and I were up until 5 sewing and cutting wood and making all kinds of gifts.
The boys loved their a-frame tents!
Can't forget the stockings!  Socks bursting out the top :)
We had a good first Christmas in our new home.
Christmas Eve service at 5 pm and then we headed up to Thief River.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Eli's party at G&G's at the farm...and 4th of July

 Corbin with Uncle Evan
 MN & OR aunts and uncles
 Uncle Evan made him a pencil.
 Gift that kept on giving!
 Money to buy Power Ranger toys with!!!
 Elias giving Uncle Simon his gift.
 will NOT....
 take this off!!!
 Happy 5th Birthday Elias!
(celebrated with an ice cream cake!)

Elias is FIVE!