Thursday, January 31, 2008


We are getting ready for our youth group's annual Valentine's Banquet. I decided that being I don't really do anything all day (kidding) I should do something crafty for a party favor. I saw this idea in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and had to try it! I am pretty pleased with the results and am really enjoying being crafty while Corbin naps! 32 down, 118 to go! Wish me luck!

Kiddie Pool Fun!

The hotel we stayed at has a waterpark. It has slides for all ages and a huge hot tub (too bad I couldn't go it) and a nice sized pool. Corbin's favorite place to splash was in the kiddie pool area! He loved going down the froggy slide with Joel or I...but when we let him go down the ducky slide all by himself, that was the his favorite. He went down so many times I lost count!
Corbin just couldn't get enough!
Going down the froggy slide with daddy!
Wasn't quite sure about sitting on the ducky, but loved to slide down it!
All smiles!

Corbin decided to try to walk up the slide, so Joel helped him out!

Relaxed and Rejuved!

We are home now from our "pastor's weekend"! The sessions were very good and we got a lot out of them! It would have been nice to continue to relax and rejuv for another day or so to catch up on sleep though! This little boy standing next to Corbin is 5 months old! He is tiny compared to Corbin, infact, I don't think Corbin was ever that small!!!
He is so cute and super smiley!!!
Corbin wasn't sure what to do. He was actually looking down at someone!
Corbin looked so cool with his hands in his pocket! What a goofball!
The last night, Corbin decided to stick a pen down his pj's. We didn't know until morning when we say the tatoos!!! He loves to stick things down his shirt and then lift up the bottom of his shirt and they fall out...but that didn't happen with his pj's! No wonder he didn't sleep well, he was getting poked all night!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


As a Pastor's family in the Western District, we are so blessed to get sent on a paid vacation for 3 days! It is our annual retreat for pastors and wives! (This year we are taking full advantage of the babysitter!) We have a great time with the sessions, talking about our ministries and rejuving us! We also have some down time to shop at the mall attached to the hotel and also enjoy the "water park" with slides and a really fun kiddy pool.
The *new* Old Navy got this cute bench with a puppy. If you push the red button the puppy will say something to you! Corbin loved it! He is a huge fan of dogs (no, we are not going to get him one) and always says "woo, woo" when he sees any animal! (by the way, awesome sales going on at Old Navy this week--online also!)
Corbin loves bottles! I was using the lotion from the hotel and Corbin took it and lotioned himself and my legs! He even rubbed it in himself, too!
We decided to come Sunday afternoon instead of Monday, so we had a extra day to relax! Luckily we came early because today it is blizzarding out! Looking outside makes me really thankful that the hotel is connected to the mall!!!
I thought this was kind of a goofy way to shoe and one glove!
Corbin has really been enjoying the kiddy pool, but I forgot to take the I will get pictures of that before we leave! He loves the froggy slide!
We are really looking forward to getting the most out of the sessions and relaxing as much as possible this week!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Friday, January 25, 2008

True Miracle!

I remember when Corbin first started moving and grooving inside of me! It was such a true miracle! The crazy part is it is just as miraculous this time around, too! Even though we do not yet know this baby, he/she is being formed by God, just like Corbin was! A baby is growing inside of me!!! When I stop and feel the little movements I can't help but smile immediately! How can people NOT believe there is an awesome God in control of this universe? The food I eat is certainly not creating this baby! He/she is being knit together in my womb by God! Now that is a true miracle!

Big Brother Corbin!

Today was an all around good day! Corbin was in a really good, smiley, silly mood! And I felt the baby move today, too! It made Corbin seem so big and like he's really going to be a big brother! Corbin crawled on top of me and snuggled right into position for some good pics!
He loves to throw balls, toys, cups, anything he can get his hands on!
Goofy story! Corbin was eating some shredded cheese and we didn't have the bib that catches all the dropped food on him. He found that his diaper did a good job of catching the fallen food! What a silly kid!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Static Hair

You may need to click on the picture to see that his hair is sticking up everywhere! He doesn't have much hair, but it seems to really like to stand up straight with the static of winter!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hop on Pop

This kid has way too much energy! You would think he might slow down, but it never happens!

Traumatic Morning!

I don't have any pictures of the event, but lots to tell!

Joel let me sleep in a bit this morning, so he was watching Corbin. Joel was on the phone and Corbin decided to "play" on the computer. (Usually when Corbin "plays" on the computer we end up having to call the computer guy or at least do a full shut-down and restart!) So, Joel quickly put down his coffee mug (with a lid) and got Corbin away from the computer and checked to make sure he didn't press anything that would ruin it. In that second (1 year olds move fast), Corbin decided to take a sip of Joel's coffee and spilled it down his entire front! All I hear is Corbin screaming (didn't worry too much, happens everyday) and Joel yelling at me that he needs me in there right away (did worry, doesn't happen everyday)! Joel took off Corbin's shirt and his chest was bright red! (We didn't realize that he also got his lips until later.) So, in the shower he went, diaper and all (and me in my pj's). Corbin was still crying, but probably because we were panicking. After a few minutes in the cool water, Corbin was fine. He looked at me like I was nuts when he still had his socks on in the water...he tried to pull them off! He was laughing and splashing water on his belly! (What a sport!) We called the clinic to see if we should bring him in and they said yes. We got him dressed and noticed that his lips were pretty red so we had him suck on a cold, wet washcloth and also put a cool, wet paper towel on his chest (drove him nuts) and went to the clinic (1 block away). We got his shirt off and all the redness was gone. He just has a little blister on his upper lip that we need to put some chap stick on every once in a while (he puts it on himself and thinks he's great)!!! The nurse was pretty impressed that he wasn't burned! The doctor gave him a sucker and sent us home! He has been a super happy little boy ever since!

Talk about a miracle! All I could think at first was how bad is it going to scar! And's just a tiny little blister on his upper lip that will be gone before we know it! Thank you, God!!! Makes you think about how fast things can happen, though! What a blessing that it was so minor!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Silly Day!

Today was not a regular Monday. I didn't have to watch S because there was no school so she stayed home with her mom. It was nice to be able to sleep in a bit and relax the day away with Corbin! He got incredibly relaxed this afternoon. He's not sleeping, just relaxing. He pulled the blanket into the kitchen (and later a pillow) and camped out on the floor by the door!
After we ate a snack, we went over to the church to visit daddy (and to finally change the bulletin board from Christmas to Valentines!!!)! Corbin loves being over at the church! He takes over the nursery and Joel's office and everywhere in between! It was good to get out of the house, even though it was so cold! I suppose you could call it refreshing!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Just for a laugh!

Corbin loves to play with my hair dryer! As soon as I am done doing my hair, it's his turn to take my comb and hair dryer and do his! (It is a bit worrysome though!)

Men's Retreat

I had the opportunity to attend the Men's Retreat at Inspiration Point Bible Camp this last weekend.I was introduced to Speed Stacking! It was fun, but I don't think I will be breaking any records soon. I may have to get some of these "official cups" for the youth.
We had a competition and here is dad arm in arm with another guy trying to stack the cups.
there was plenty of food and coffee!
Dad and I before I left...thanks for inviting me dad!

Away Games

Last Thursday we headed down to Emily's parents for the weekend. Emily's brother, Evan, had games both Friday and Saturday. These are some of the pictures from the Saturday game. Evan has the ball!
Running! (Evan is the closest.)
Grandma giving Corbin a head rub to put him to sleep (didn't work).
Grandpa holding Corbin.
Here's Uncle Simon holding Corbin!
Evan's team won, but we didn't get to stay to watch the end. Good job, Evan! It was fun to get to some games and we hope to get to some more before the end of the season! Thank you for a great time! See you soon!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Adventures in Eating!

Corbin's favorite breakfast food is oatmeal! He loves it so much that I give it to him even though afterward I almost always have to give him a bath and give the kitchen a floor to ceiling cleaning! Today didn't warrant a bath, but I spent some time cleaning him, the table, floor, booster and chair! Luckily he decided to "help" clear the table of the dishes while I washed up the table! He put the his bowl (covered in oatmeal) and spoon on the leather ottoman in the living room!!! So, I got to clean that, too! Gotta love him!
Then it was time for lunch! We had hamburgers and while Corbin was eating the bun....

....a piece of bread got stuck under his nose! Nice shot, huh?
He also decided it would be fun to eat with his foot on the table! No idea where that came from, but it was pretty cute! It seemed uncomfortable...but it stayed up there for awhile!

I guess these pictures prove that there is never a dull moment at our house! As long as the sense of humor is around, so is the laughter!

Monday, January 14, 2008

At the Game

We have attended several basket ball games this season! Corbin was pretty rambunctious at the first few games, but now he sits and plays so well! He is a totally different kid!!! All the people in the stands know him as the popcorn-eating-kid! He will take any one's popcorn that offers (and sometimes he will take from those that don't offer)!
He loves popcorn!!!
He also likes suckers!
He got a little tired towards the end of the varsity game! He wouldn't let go of his pacifier, taggie blankie or that sucker!!!
I did catch a few shots of the game, too! We won!!! Go Comets!!!

poor baby

It was a pretty emotional morning for the Corbin-nater! He had a pretty sore tummy, so he cried for over an hour!
Luckily, a pen and notebook (on a white couch) helped it feel a little better!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

photo shoot...and a busy day!

Corbin, just chilling! So organized!
The only thing better than one taggie is...
two taggies!
Showing some attitude!
And super cute is that! He was brushing his teeth before church!


We had a very busy Sunday! We placed an announcement in the church bulletin to tell the church our news...This July: Joel and Emily will be having their second child!...Joel thought it would be funny to see if people really read the bulletin. They read it! It was fun!

Then we had a quick VBS meeting (in are we on the ball)!!! And after that a quick stop out for lunch!

When we got home the men took naps and Emily relaxed!

At 5 we had a video on Creationism with discussion and potluck (good ole potlucks)! It was a good time and great food! It really is quite an interesting topic! You don't realize how much "evolution" has taken over our schools books! More than just the normal science books are filled with false teachings about evolution!!! It's really scary!

Our night wasn't over yet....we were invited out to watch tv...that's right!!! For the first time in a long time we sat and watched tv!!! We watched a mini-series called Comanche Moon (prequel to Lonesome Dove) over at some friends. We were even invited back for Tuesday and Wednesday night too! Corbin looked at the tv and oohed and aahed!!! He hasn't seen tv much in his short lifetime!

And now we are finally finishing the night at almost midnight!

It was a great day!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Adventures in Baking!

For about a month now, we have been making our own bread! It is partly out of necessity, but mainly because it's cheap and easy! Ok...I'll come clean, we use the frozen bread dough...but we still have to let it raise and bake it!
Todays loaf was a whopper! No joke, it wouldn't fit in any of the bags, so we had to cut it in half and eat a few slices to get it into the 2 bags!!! Here is the loaf next to 2/3 of the previously baked loaf! (Even though it is in a Sara Lee bag, we did bake it ourselves!)
Done to perfection!

Tool Time

The workbench was finally let out of the box (even though it said not for kids under 3-not like it really matters)! Corbin loves it!
The drill makes plenty of noise and has been used all around the house, not just at the workbench, but the window, chair, couch, kitchen cabinets and drawers! And it even lights up!It didn't take him long to figure out the Flathead screw driver from the Phillips!
And to top it all off, he got a cool hair do from his daddy after bath time!