Wednesday, November 26, 2008

BONUS: potty talk

If you don't like potty talk....don't look or read!
I warned you!

Potty training at home basically was over the day after it started. He had no interest, at all!!! But, it seems the interest is back. You wouldn't think that on vacation it would work, but it has actually been going well. He is really into it! So far we haven't even had to bribe him.....he's that interested! Amazing!

November Vacation-Mall of America

We had an AMAZINGLY FUN day yesterday! It was one of those days that started out with everything going wrong, but ended with us feeling completely relaxed and refreshed!
Before we left the hotel, Elias went through 3 outfits (1. wet, 2. poop, 3. spit spit up on my shirt, so I got to change clothes, too).
Finally, we headed to the Mall of America! I am a big fan of shopping, but I'm more of a sale/clearance kinda it was fun to shop, but suffered from some serious "sticker-shock"!!! Even though the boys were SO GOOD, we needed a break from we took advantage of Toddler Tuesday and purchased an endless ride pass.
Which was the best money we spent! Corbin loved all the rides!!!
Elias got a super cute hat (my excuse is we had to because we left his hat at home)!

Goofy picture, Corbin was sleeping...but it's the Mall of America!

Corbin loved this truck! (Every time he sees a truck, he makes sure to let us know...the entire drive here.)

Riding on Blue.

Corbin's favorite ride! The car flung you around at the corners, Corbin would just giggle!!!

While we were in line for the balloon ride, Corbin let me know which balloon he wanted to ride and all the colors on it!

On the Diego tour bus.

We had a really good, fun meal at the Rainforest Cafe. Corbin didn't seem to sure about the lightning and thunder, but he loved the gorillas and fish!!! We also got him a monkey Build-A-Bear (but no pictures) that even "oohooh, aahaahaahs"!

We spend a few minutes at Lego land.

Did I mention how much he LOVED the rides!?!
For supper we got together with John & Jeannette and their boys at the Buffalo Tap. Their new little guy is so adorable and boy does E look big! Corbin and E played pretty good, considering their ages...and the lack of nap for Corbin.
And we finished our evening at Target (my favorite store)! We were there the point where everyone that worked there knew us...or Corbin at least, being he was running all over the store!
Oh I love shopping!!!

November Vacation-In the Cities

Monday morning, we headed to the cities.
Of course we ended up stopping at the Outlets! The amazing thing was that we all got something. It wasn't all just stuff for the kids! It was a fun shopping day!
When we arrived in the cities we ate at our all time favorite restaurant....Famous Dave's!
Corbin is a big fan of chicken!
Then we headed to our hotel so we could swim!

We also were able to enjoy some cable! (we don't have it is a big treat for us to be able to watch never ending reruns!!)

November Vacation-2nd stop

Our 2nd stop was at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Corbin giving Elias a piggy back ride! Too cute!

Eli having his first piano lesson.

I love this picture!

The table was set on Sunday afternoon....and that is the last picture I took! The food was great! My uncle came to eat with us.
We had a great time! Corbin really started working on counting. Every time he went up the stairs he and Grandpa would count the steps. We played pass the mom won* (*Joel would disagree). And my parents just got Dish!!! So, we spent some time in front of the tv!

November Vacation-1st stop

Our first stop was in Grand Forks. We were very excited to get away from home for a little bit. We went out for supper with Joel's parents and then did a little shopping before heading to the hotel to swim and get some sleep!
Elias thought it was cold.

Corbin has started to enjoy watching tv. He loves to watch DVDs, and the same ones a million and one times. Thomas the choo choo, Madagascar, and Cinderella are his current favorites.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


laughter is contagious.

it's been a great day

Corbin and Joel changed the oil in the car this morning!
I didn't get any pictures though. When I asked Corbin what he did with dad, he told me he "chan da ole" cute! He was so proud of himself!
We decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to get our hands dirty quite yet, so we put our gloves on and... ...kneaded some playdough!
We used kool aid to color it. It looked and smelled really good. I don't think Corbin tasted it, but it smelled good enough to eat!

Then he played! For an entire hour!

Showing off his masterpiece! We brought out some of the cookie cutters and Corbin really enjoyed it!

We also worked hard at getting all of our laundry done so we can start packing up for our VACATION!!! We can't wait (or mommy can't anyway)!

Elias is really good at helping bring up the laundry!

change is good

Over the last week I have organized my food pantry and rearranged my family room! So, I figured it was time to switch the blog look to this cute brown/tan/flower pattern....being I'm in the mood for change! (I haven't brought out the paintbrushes yet....but it's only a matter of time before I get the itch!)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Someday I might actually figure out how to get the pictures in the order I want....but for now, they will stay out of order!
The boys have very few outfits that match! I love to match them but can't justify spending the money when most of Corbin's clothes are still in great shape! I looked through all their clothes and found they both had red thermal tees and jean Thursday they matched! Of course, Corbin made sure I got the perfect picture of them looking like their normal selves!!!

I also got matching jammers for them (love clearance!!!) and the best part they are in my favorite color and brown!

Corbin giving Eli kisses!

Corbin loves to play with Joel's clock, so that is what he is up to...while Elias looks at the camera!

Corbin loves to hold Elias, but obviously Elias isn't the biggest fan anymore!

(Suppose to be at the top.)

Elias, meet Elias (the monkey)...Corbin set him there and told me to take a picture of them together.

And this would be Corbin hiding from the camera.

So, I got feet pictures...might as well, being it was the only part of him I could see!

Lil' Eli's toesies!
I did give in and buy a couple of matching shirts for them when we were in Minot one day! Elias is a bit too small for them though, so we will have to wait.

He's Growing!

Lil' Elias is growing up! He is officially into 6-9 month clothing and wearing it just right! This is a hand-me-down from Corbin, but it was always one of my favorite outfits!
Goofy kid!

Very smiley!

He looks almost too happy in this picture....he must have been up to something!

His arms tend to get stuck down in front of him and he doesn't know quite how to unstick them yet. And that look is priceless..."get out of my face with that camera!"