Wednesday, November 19, 2008

it's been a great day

Corbin and Joel changed the oil in the car this morning!
I didn't get any pictures though. When I asked Corbin what he did with dad, he told me he "chan da ole" cute! He was so proud of himself!
We decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to get our hands dirty quite yet, so we put our gloves on and... ...kneaded some playdough!
We used kool aid to color it. It looked and smelled really good. I don't think Corbin tasted it, but it smelled good enough to eat!

Then he played! For an entire hour!

Showing off his masterpiece! We brought out some of the cookie cutters and Corbin really enjoyed it!

We also worked hard at getting all of our laundry done so we can start packing up for our VACATION!!! We can't wait (or mommy can't anyway)!

Elias is really good at helping bring up the laundry!

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CJ Olson said...

Awwww....cute!!! I love Corbin and Elias. Corbin can I come and play with your playdough.....I think I could play for hours with playdough! :-)