Wednesday, November 26, 2008

November Vacation-Mall of America

We had an AMAZINGLY FUN day yesterday! It was one of those days that started out with everything going wrong, but ended with us feeling completely relaxed and refreshed!
Before we left the hotel, Elias went through 3 outfits (1. wet, 2. poop, 3. spit spit up on my shirt, so I got to change clothes, too).
Finally, we headed to the Mall of America! I am a big fan of shopping, but I'm more of a sale/clearance kinda it was fun to shop, but suffered from some serious "sticker-shock"!!! Even though the boys were SO GOOD, we needed a break from we took advantage of Toddler Tuesday and purchased an endless ride pass.
Which was the best money we spent! Corbin loved all the rides!!!
Elias got a super cute hat (my excuse is we had to because we left his hat at home)!

Goofy picture, Corbin was sleeping...but it's the Mall of America!

Corbin loved this truck! (Every time he sees a truck, he makes sure to let us know...the entire drive here.)

Riding on Blue.

Corbin's favorite ride! The car flung you around at the corners, Corbin would just giggle!!!

While we were in line for the balloon ride, Corbin let me know which balloon he wanted to ride and all the colors on it!

On the Diego tour bus.

We had a really good, fun meal at the Rainforest Cafe. Corbin didn't seem to sure about the lightning and thunder, but he loved the gorillas and fish!!! We also got him a monkey Build-A-Bear (but no pictures) that even "oohooh, aahaahaahs"!

We spend a few minutes at Lego land.

Did I mention how much he LOVED the rides!?!
For supper we got together with John & Jeannette and their boys at the Buffalo Tap. Their new little guy is so adorable and boy does E look big! Corbin and E played pretty good, considering their ages...and the lack of nap for Corbin.
And we finished our evening at Target (my favorite store)! We were there the point where everyone that worked there knew us...or Corbin at least, being he was running all over the store!
Oh I love shopping!!!


Danny and Mandy said...

Looks like you had SO much fun. Thanks for the pictures! I am going to e-mail you as I want some ideas for hotels in the cities as we are heading there with my sister and her family in Jan. Happy Thanksgiving!

Leingang Family said...

What a great trip! I am so glad you got to go. Good luck with the potty thing!

CJ Olson said...

Ohhh.....that looks like so much fun! :-)