Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Thoughts Exactly!

It has officially snowed in North Dakota! Corbin was so excited to get into all of his new gear! The snowpants, the coat, the boots, the hat and even the gloves (don't worry, it hasn't happened again....just for the first snow is there excitement about getting this dressed up)! But when he got outside, he just stood there!
With this look on his face! It was like he was saying, "what happened to my sandbox? why is it so cold? and was is with these silly gloves?"! We are now indoors, but as soon as his sled gets pulled down from storage, I'm sure it will be more exciting for him!

Elias the drooler! (and the shirt is for Uncle Simon...and Gma Cathy....and any other Bison fan out there)

And this would be my very special little boy! Making sure his juicey has a coaster!

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