Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

Match 'Em Monday

Matching outfits and matching chairs!!!

And because Match 'Em Monday is so cool....my brothers got matching shirts too!

They were really excited!

(Thanks for being good sports!)

new stuff

We all were spoiled with some new clothes! The boys got matching outfits of course!

Silly picture...they are both smiling so big!

And Elias got a sled for Christmas! Corbin is even strong enough to pull him!

Corbin the Destroyer

Corbin the Destroyer

He was on a mission to knock down every block tower that was build by his uncles!

Dec 26 - Elias' Half Birthday Feast!

We had a half birthday party for Elias!

And he got his first taste of rice cereal and pear juice! He seemed like he was ready to eat!

Love the messy face!

Feeding himself!

Happy 6 months little man!!!

Christmas Day

reading The Mitten

Jackhammer Jingle Bells

Our Christmas Supper: Steak and Potatoes

Opening Stocking

Merry Christmas Eve with the Heitkamps!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Little Angel

This year, Corbin was able to be in our Christmas program.

He was an angel!

He follows K where ever she goes and followed her right up the aisle during practice...so Corbin was able to be an angel right along with her!

He walked up late and fought over the microphone....his first performance was memorable!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

-13 degrees F

Here is a picture of the snow for those of you who are crazy enough to like the stuff! We are trying to stay warm...but because we are on "off peak" and it's -12 degrees (not including wind chill) we are under blankets, in sweats and sipping coffee/cocoa! It is cold!

A taggie of his own.

Finally, Elias has a taggie of his own! He has been trying to get a hold of Corbin's for a while now! I made him two and have more fabric to make him a few more. I may have to make a new one for Corbin being he keeps taking Elias' away and saying "Bunyon's taggie". The fun begans with sharing or (should I say fighting)!

Santa Clause came to town!

On Saturday, we had Santa Day here in town. It started out with a free movie at the theatre, Kung Fu Panda. Corbin and I went together while Joel and Elias stayed home. It was a pretty good movie. Corbin ate a lot of chocolate covered raisens and some popcorn but didn't take his eyes off the screen the entire movie. When the movie was over and everyone was getting up, Corbin stood up on my lap to watch the credits.
Then we went home and picked up Joel and Elias and went to our "mall" to see Santa.
Corbin had the same feelings about him this year as he did last year...not very fond of the guy.
No tears this year though.

Elias didn't even realize he was in his arms.

Corbin did enjoy the goodies that Santa's Elves were handing out!