Wednesday, December 10, 2008

quotes by Corbin

Corbin said "red toe". I didn't think anything of it, but he just stood there looking at his toe and then again said "red toe". He had put the stool down on his pinkie toe and it was bleeding just a little. When I saw it I asked if he needed a band aid and he told me "it urts (hurts)"!

We have a porcelain statue of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. We brought it out today and put in on our sofa table and Corbin informed me that it was "baby, Mom, Bubba". Any man with a beard is Bubba (a friend of ours from town).

When Corbin wanted his band aid off tonight, he looked with amazement at his feet and said "two, white, foot"...he isn't colorblind that is or sure! He also knows that he has one mouth and nose and two eyes, ears, hands, and "foot".

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