Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa Clause came to town!

On Saturday, we had Santa Day here in town. It started out with a free movie at the theatre, Kung Fu Panda. Corbin and I went together while Joel and Elias stayed home. It was a pretty good movie. Corbin ate a lot of chocolate covered raisens and some popcorn but didn't take his eyes off the screen the entire movie. When the movie was over and everyone was getting up, Corbin stood up on my lap to watch the credits.
Then we went home and picked up Joel and Elias and went to our "mall" to see Santa.
Corbin had the same feelings about him this year as he did last year...not very fond of the guy.
No tears this year though.

Elias didn't even realize he was in his arms.

Corbin did enjoy the goodies that Santa's Elves were handing out!

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Leingang Family said...

They like him a lot better when they figure out the whole asking him for presents thing. :o)

Keep warm!