Friday, July 30, 2010


Meet Betty Croaker!
This is what we know about her so far:
*she is a frog
*she likes to climb
*she don't have hair
*her belly is white
*she hops
*she has black eyes
*her throat goes in and out really fast
*she has 8 "fingers" and 10 "toes"

The boys were very excited to catch her while they were going after dragonflies, grasshoppers and crickets in the backyard! Corbin is very into learning all about her! I guess we have a pet!

Do you know what frogs eat?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vacation 2010

This is by far the biggest post I have ever done!

We took a two week vacation starting at the North Shore.

We camped at a resort for 5 days. It was full of fun things to do! We were at the beach almost every day. The boys build a 'waterfall'.

While we were going through some road construction, we happened upon this sign. Joel couldn't stop laughing. There was no center stripe...probably because we were on gravel?!

We went to Gooseberry Falls State Park. There was beautiful falls there!

Most likely this will be our Christmas picture!

We were able to walk across an area between some of the falls.

The boys showing off their muscles.

Funny faces.

I came home with lots of pictures that look like this!!!

Yes, we did get after him picking flowers in a State Park...after we took some pictures.

The only stressful part of our trip was trying to get good family pictures. While we were trying to set up the camera for yet another family picture, Corbin asked if he could take a picture. He snapped this picture as well as about 5 other really good shots!

The lighthouse at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park!

You have to climb down about 200 steps to get this picture...but it was well worth it!

Baptism River

We rented a pontoon one evening. It wasn't as relaxing as you would think...with two little boys that ran back and forth until Elias learned the hard way...but it was still pretty fun.

Corbin made us some pancakes one morning. He did a great job!

We even got the kids to wash the dishes!

We made beef stew from scratch over the fire! It was very tasty!

There is just something about cooking over a fire that is so relaxing! Camping food is always so good! We made pizza sandwiches and the boys loved making them...but weren't thrilled about eating them.
We spent a day in Duluth. We did lots of sight-seeing!

We walked onto the William A. Irvine.

Feeding the seagulls some french fries.

We went for an hour long bike ride. Both boys fell asleep. Both parents got a good workout!

We were told about a beach that had white sand! It was so amazing! Felt like we were at the ocean!

Elias loved getting all sandy...even took a taste.

Poor Corbin wasn't feeling good, so no good pictures of him on the beach.

We went on a family fun cruise. They served pizza and ice cream. They had some fun kids songs.

We did funny faces to pass the time while we waited to eat.

The sight from the top deck.

Elias dancing.

While we were getting on the boat, Joel mentioned that he hoped the boys wouldn't get sea-sick. I told him not to worry about it, the boys would be fine. And they were...but me...not so much!

The lift bridge that we went under.

Picture with the Captian.
The boys got to see him steering the boat WITH HIS FEET!

We ate at Gordy's. And when we got home, we saw them on tv!

We spent one night in Brainerd on the way back. They had an awesome waterpark!

On our way to Grandpa and Grandma's we stopped at Granny's Pantry and filled a bag with candy! Elias picked out a 2 foot long snake!
We had such a relaxing vacation!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Corbin has been saying some pretty funny things lately!

While fishing last weekend, we brought the fish into the boat with the net and the fish was flopping around. Corbin looked at the boy who caught it and said, "I don't think he likes you."

Corbin and Elias were playing in the church nursery.
Corbin: "Can you hear me?"
Elias: "Uh uh."
Corbin: "Elias, can you hear me?!"
Elias: "Uh uh."
Elias: "UH UH!!!"
Corbin was telling about how much he wanted a baby toy that looked like a combine. He wanted it so he could mow the grass. When I told him that it was a combine, he gave me a funny look and told me "Mowers are for grass. Combines are for food like wheat and corn." Mom: "What else does Grandpa grow in his fields that he combines?" Corbin: "Seaweed!" Mom: "You mean soybeans? Seaweed grows in water." Corbin: "You're silly, Mom!"
Corbin has an oppisites book. He loves to read it almost every night before bed! I point to the word and he "reads" it to me (figuring it out by the picture beside it). Last night, he decided he wanted to spell every word. So I said all the letters and he would repeat them to me. "t-o-p. b-o-t-t-o-m. r-i-g-h-t. l-e-f-t." etc.... After doing that for a few pages, he looked at me and told me he was too tired to do any more. He needed me to point to them and read them because he was too tired to think anymore.
We went for a bike ride and Corbin was set that he needed to ride his bike beside mine instead of riding in the bike trailer with Elias. Whenever we would get to the curb, he would tell me that he didn't want to go down the "bumpies" because he didn't want to get "stuckies".
And then there is Elias. He says a few words. He tries repeating them for a while and then gives up and just says "elellella". He loves to sing though. He can keep a tune too! He can hum Jesus Loves Me, Wheels on the Bus, Shoo Fly Shoo, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and a few others.... He will burst into song at any given moment...usually when it is quiet (like at church during prayer). It is fun to see his personality!
.....Being a mom is fun! The boys have such creative imaginations and are constantly coming up with funny things to say and do! I wish my brain could remember them all!....

Summer Fun Has Just Begun

I know it has been a while since I have blogged on a regular basis. This is proving to be a busy summer for us!
We had our Vacation Bible School the beginning of June. We had a good turn out and a very fun group of "ranch hands"! Our theme this year was Saddle Ridge Ranch...and we were even able to get a horse to come in and do horseback rides for one of the recreations times!!!
We had a couple of days to breath before heading to Convention. Joel was at Convention all of the days while the boys and I (Emily) spent some time with my family.
Elias turned 2 on the 26th of June!!! Poor kid hasn't had a party yet, but he did get an ice cream cake (pictured above) that he picked out!
Add several dental appointments, 2 weddings and a funeral...and a picnic here and there...
We spent a day with some friends, smoking brisket and pork for the youth fundraisers. We had a fun filled day smoking, hoeing weeds, grilling, and I got to milk a cow!!!
side note....I have learned how to make yogurt, butter, buttermilk and cheese from the fresh milk!!! And I am busy filling my freezer with rhubarb!!! Soon it will be canning season and I will be busy using my new canner!!! (can you sense my excitement???)
The youth had a concession stand at the Rugby fair...Mini Donuts, Beef Brisket, Fresh-cut Fries...worth every calorie!!! (My Dentist made sure to tell my that was her favorite stand!) The youth also sold concessions at the Derby in town. .......Oh and both were on the same weekend! Busy busy I tell you!!!

On the 4th, we spend the entire day outside! Elias enjoyed MANY marshmallows!!! Corbin had a friend over and we set up the pool!

Then we headed over to watch fireworks from a better spot then the middle of town! The boys wore their cute shirts from Gramma Janice! We made sure to eat lots of s'mores...and Eli just ate more marshmallows!

After the fireworks, a fire fighter came and asked us if we wanted a ride to the Fire we rode in the back of the fire truck across town...sirens and all!!!

The 8-10th we took the AFC youth group on a camping trip! We fished, swam, ate, played many different games, sang, and had campfires! Oh...and made sure to tell the pink joke...and the word joke...just ask Joel...he will gladly tell you!!! :)
On the 11th, we had our church picnic in the park! Always a good time!
And now...we are on our two week vacation! We have decided that we are just going to enjoy the ride and do whatever sounds fun. We will see where we end up!