Friday, September 25, 2009

Today, Corbin is a big boy!

Could this be? Has Corbin really grown up?

Today, Corbin has been helpful.

Today, Corbin went #2 in the potty for the first time without being dragged.

Today, Corbin said "Oh, no! The bug eat my lunch." during our lunch today. And then asked the fly, "Want some lunch, bee?"

Today, Corbin asked to get down from the table, put his hands out for me to wash, didn't fuss when I washed off his face and then after leaving the table turned to me and said, "Good meal, Mom."

Today, Corbin is a big boy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the top bunk

Anyone that knows us well, knows that we love a good deal! Last week, we went to Bottineau. We saw the "double coupon" sign hanging on the side of Pamida and decided to go there before Walmart. I not only saved $25 with all the coupons being doubled, we got this bunk bed (top bunk shown) for $50 (originally $270)!!! It is missing one piece and has one piece that is chipped...but for $50 (actually $35 after the gift certificate) we couldn't resist! We can get the replacement parts from the company and when Elias is bigger we will set up the bottom bunk!
We used the top bunk for Corbin so he had the wood sides...but only on one side.

We love a good deal!

Working Woman

My first day!

I am now officially a WORKING (outside the home) WOMAN!!!

I work from 3:30-6 p.m. 3 days a week and 2 Saturdays a month at the grocery store as a cashier! It is the perfect job with the perfect hours! I am very excited about it!

Homecoming Weekend

Corbin won a bottle of Dr. Pepper (sitting on it...goofy kid) by playing ring toss! It actually landed on the top of the bottle! Amazing!
This was Corbin's favorite because they were giving away Capri Sun as the prize.
Eli bowling.
Eating the duck! Yuck!

Homecoming weekend festivities started Friday at 4 with a parade down Main Street. We just happen to live on Main St. so we camped in front of our house for it. Then on Saturday they had a 5K run and a kiddie run! Corbin was in the kiddie run! (I have video and pictures coming) Then Saturday afternoon they had a Kiddie Carnival. It was a blast! The boys put their names in for prizes and Corbin won a set of Lincoln Logs! He plays with them almost everyday now!
Sharing their treats!
Eli grabbed all that he could get in his hands! He ended up with all the suckers!

It's "Grandma" Lorraine!
Fire trucks!

So Much Fun!!!

always smiling

one a day

Saturday, September 5, 2009


prayer requests:

Lately, when we pray, we ask Corbin if there is anyone that he wants to pray for. He usually lets us know everyone and everything that comes to mind. "God, the moon, Daddy, Elias...." The list goes on and on and on! It is so fun to witness!

This past week our family took a walk and we ended up at the football field. We put the blanket down on the grass and let the kids run around. It was so relaxing and peaceful! I took out my Bible. Corbin has his own pocket in my Bible cover with paper and a few things to write with. He took out a piece of my scratch paper that said "Prayer Requests:" at the top. Before we knew it, he had a long list of requests!

me and my shadow


Last weekend, our friends from FF came to visit! It was so fun to have guests!

Their little boy is 2 days older than Elias. He is absolutely adorable!

There really isn't much to do in Rolette. We toured the town on foot...including the "Mall" the morning. In the afternoon, we decided to go to Rugby to supper. Mandy has so many creative ideas! Corbin and Mandy looked through Cheerios to keep Corbin from jumping off the walls! Thanks Mandy!!! We enjoyed supper at the HUB.

We took the back roads home and drove by a "Self-Serve Veggies" stand owned by some of our friends.

The boys picked apples from our tree. They are very you may be able to tell from Eli's face!

Thank you so much for coming up! It was so fun to see you!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

some things should not be shared.

This morning when I was doing the 2nd round of diaper changes, Corbin was on the changing pad (not interested in the potty today...go figure) and Elias went to his first stop in the bathroom...the toothbrush holder. Elias always grabs a toothbrush and starts brushing. Today, instead of grabbing one of the 5 he usually chooses from, he chose MY toothbrush. I told him to put it down and take a different one. Corbin, always on top of it, told me, "You should share with Elias, Mom."

These two are going to keep me busy for life! They are always into everything. Little stinkers!
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Corbin is THREE

Happy 3rd Birthday Corbin!!!

Corbin was given some really big, awesome gifts from his grandparents this year!

When Corbin and I (Emily) went into the party store to pick out his theme, he went straight to the Thomas the Tank Engine area! After picking out everything he wanted that was Thomas, he went to the fire engine area, then Spiderman, and finally the construction themed area. But when he realized he only got one choice, he stuck with Thomas.

When I starting thinking about how much he loves trains, I thought it would be fun to do a train cake. I googled "train cakes" and this is the idea the website gave me.

Corbin relaxing in his new set of wheel!

Waiting to open his gift!

We had a party in our backyard on his birthday. All of his friends came to help celebrate!

Corbin picked out the "car" he wanted (topped with M&M's of course) and we put the candles in there. He blew out 2 of the 3! He knew that he had to save one for his girlfriend!

The boy table!


It still hasn't fully sunk in that Corbin is already a three year old! He is old enough to go to preschool (but we aren't sending him), old enough to ride a bike with training wheels, old enough to say his own prayers at night, old enough to dress himself (and he actually picks out stuff that matches sometimes), and my personal favorite...he is old enough to help with chores!!! He can make his own bed, set the table, fold *some* laundry, put his clothes in the drawers, pick up toys, vacuum and dust!!!