Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Single Moming It!

Joel is very excited because he is doing the thing he probably loves most, for the next 3 days...while I, Emily, stay home with the boys! He is going camping!

Joel is taking the youth group guys on a camping/fishing trip! He has been looking forward to this for quite a while! I hope he has a great time! I also pray that the weather is good enough for them out there! They brought only sleeping bags!!! It is the end of about freezing every night! HAVE FUN!!! (I will admit I am a little jealous! Not so much of the cold temps...but of the opportunity to get away and sleep under the stars!)

Now, I need to figure out what to do with the boys while he is away! What should I do? Hopefully I can come up with some fun things so we don't get bored! (I am really going to be tired come Friday night!)

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Kevin, Brooke, Harrison and Emmett said...

I need some ideas too! With the weather getting colder, and harder to be outside, I'm looking for some ways to have Harrison burn some energy too!

Hope you had fun with your 2 littlest boys!