Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sew Much Fun! (haha)

I have owned a sewing machine for 1 1/2 years now. About 9 months of that, my sewing machine hasn't been touched because I thought that I broke it! I have the coolest fabric for making a purse, but it is thick, so when I started sewing the first side, my needle broke. Ever since, the machine hasn't been working right. My friend was over last week and we got it out and being she knows what she is doing...she fixed it! I had the needle in the wrong way! So, now that it's fixed I decided it was time to get to work and start the projects I had left behind.
When Joel bought me the sewing machine, we also picked out lots of fabic for various projects I was excited to start. Considering I had only sewn a straight line prior to owning my machine, I got carried away thinking it was super easy! I bought several patterns too! Anyway, some of the fabic I got was this camo really slippery material! Joel had a blanket made out of this material from when he was in the Marines. It has gotten worn out, so I told him I'm sew him a new one. Well, 1 1/2 years after I told him I would, I did! The material was so slippery though! It was kind of hard to keep it straight, but it turned out ok! It works as a blanket!
Then I got some real inspiration and decided to make Corbin some shorts, without using a pattern! They don't fit over his cloth diaper, but with a disposable they fit ok...considering! Joel said he didn't want me to sew him any shorts...and I think I will refrain from sewing myself any, at least until I find a pattern!!! Poor kid! (Ok...seriously, don't blow this picture up to see what they look like bigger! They are horrible...but hilariously funny!)
"Can't see me!"


Danny and Mandy said...

You are amazing. Someday, I would love if you would show me how to make a little blanket like Corbin likes. :)

Leingang Family said...

You are so brave! I don't think they look that bad and obviously they aren't because he can actually wear them. Great job!