Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I decided to be daring on Thursday and headed all by my lonesome with the boys over to Fergus. Our first stop was for breakfast (late breakfast) with some of my co-workers when I Joel and I lived there! We had a great time catching up! It was so fun to see them again, they couldn't believe I was willing to meet them at 9:30 (a little late as usual) A.M. I was told by that the reason my hair was dry was because of the drive! Oh....the memories of getting up at 8:45 so I could be to work by 9...or 9:15! From there, we headed over to Danny and Mandy's! It was so much fun! There little guy, Zeke, is 2 days older than Elias!!!
They are best buds already! (Eli told me when we got in the car.)
And we let Corbin take a few pictures of us. This is the best out of all of them, honestly, I'm impressed! We all 4 made it in the picture!!!
Thanks for letting me stop by! It was so fun to get together!!!
From there, we went to Target to get something for Elias to wear in his pictures! I took the boys to get their pictures taken after that. I wish I could say it was a great experience, but it was chaos! The photographer was really nice and I felt bad for him (being I was a basketcase). I'm sure the pictures turned out amazing...can't wait to see them. But, Corbin needed a nap, so he ran circles around me. Elias was starving, so he barely smiled and ended up fussing most of the time!
After the pictures, I was mentally exhausted!!! I thought about calling a few people and trying to get together, but I didn't have any energy left! So, we went to F&F and visited a few people there and then headed back to Gpa & Gma's!
(I'm sorry to those of you I didn't get ahold of...if my boys were angels we would have visited all day!)

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Leingang Family said...

Doesn't it feel so great to go out with the kids all on your own? I loved the feeling of being able to do it by myself. But I really loved being able to come home to daddy!