Monday, September 15, 2008

Family Time

(totally out of order) Jake, Corbin and Gma enjoying a ride on the lawn mower.
Kayla holding Elias. Kayla loves babies and she is so good with them!!!
Cory, Josie, Corbin and Jake playing with the candy claw.
Jake was so cute! He was talking to Elias, then he would walk away for a little bit and come back and ask if Elias was looking for him!
Corbin was giving his cousins big hugs (more like torturing them) while they played with the candy claw! Corbin enjoyed all the kisses!
Shay and Corbin playing cars!

Eating a Bismarck! Corbin picked the one with sprinkles!
There was a bike and Gma & Gpa's that was just Corbin's size, but it was a princess bike! Corbin seems to prefer the color pink and anything girly...yes, you read that right.
Jake and Josie with Elias!

Josie with Elias! She is so good at holding him!
We had such a great time this weekend with family! We got lots of visiting it, not so much shopping (but enough) and made lots of memories!

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