Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Been A LONG Time

Life has gotten busy...what can I say? Elias in his Dino outfit! I love this outfit, but most people say "poor kid" when I put the hat on!
Corbin got his 3rd haircut last week. He sat just as well as he did the last time! Of course he went through 3 bags of fruit snacks...but his hair turned out straight, so it was worth it!
Corbin is always around Elias while he is awake! He swings the swing, plays right next to him on the floor and plays with his toes and fingers when he is on my lap. He likes to get rough and point out all Eli's features...eyes, ears, mouth.
Elias is such a good baby! He is pretty content (unless I eat the wrong thing). He sleeps pretty good, but not through the night yet. He is always flashing smiles! He doesn't take the pacifier like Corbin when it's fussy time, we just have to wait it out!
We were given this bike trailer this summer and Corbin gets rides from daddy quite a bit! They take Charlie for a run! Corbin loves it! He jumps at the chance to get outside, stroller or trailer or playing!!!

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