Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Corbin giving "baby" a kiss!

I'm still pregnant...don't worry! The baby will probably stay in until forced out, guess I'm just lucky that way! To pass the time we have gone for walks, eaten lots of freezer pops and watched lots of movies! I haven't gotten that psycho nesting feeling for several days it may still be awhile! Seems like everyone I know that could be having their baby early is, so I'm getting a little antsy to have mine out too! Corbin has been super well behaved over the past week (except when tired) which has made my life so much easier! He is enjoying his final moments of being the only child! If I am still pregnant tomorrow...planning on it anyway...I have an appointment with my doc. Hopefully it is filled with good news and great joy (meaning hopefully progress has been made and I don't burst into tears)!!!


Danny and Mandy said...

Thinking about you guys, praying for you. I hope you hear good news today.

Leingang Family said...

Hope he comes soon. I will be praying that he doesn't hold out too long. I will be praying for you.