Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wish we had this park in Rolette!

On Saturday, when we were getting packed up, Joel told us about a really neat park on the other side of the dike. So, we went over with the kids to check it out! Corbin enjoying the swing.
Corbin in the Jail House.
Jacob and just a little part of the park.
When I took out my camera, Jacob started showing me all the neat things he could do on this playground! It was a hoot! "Come here, take a picture of me doing this."
Corbin exploring.
Josie climbing tires.
Peek-a-boo with Gpa Don.
Jacob climbing the tires.
Evan and Gpa Don enjoying the swings.
Corbin and Josie walking the tight ropes.

If you are ever in Grand Forks and you have little ones, check out this playground! It is so cool! There are even castles (didn't get pics on here of them though)!!!

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