Thursday, July 24, 2008

a new "norm"

We have started our new "routine" this week. Joel working at the church and me (Emily) staying home with the boys without help! It's been going pretty good. There have of course been a few bumps in the road...but nothing to get worked up over.

Today though, I needed to get groceries and being our local store closes at 6 p.m. and Joel didn't think he would get back from the church by then...I had to venture out with 2 boys in the stroller to get our milk, cheese and bananas!!! Being Corbin didn't nap today and Elias had just finished eating (and spits up continually afterward), it was interesting! It took a pacifier, 2 packs of fruit snacks and a prayer (actually many prayers) to get us there and back without any major meltdowns....but we did it!!!

It seems so strange that we have 2 little boys to bring with us makes one seem really easy!

So this is our new "norm"...busier and more exhausting...but totally worth it!

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Adam & Andrea said...

Yep - going to the store is always interesting when you're outnumbered. I went to Target yesterday and felt like a drill sergeant the whole time because I had to keep making sure everybody stayed in their proper place around the cart.

Hang in there. Soon the norm will seem easy!