Wednesday, July 2, 2008

home with boys

Since we have been home... ...we went for a walk on Monday night, but didn't get very far. We visited a woman from our church and got a block further and chatted with a family from our church. It was nice to get out though...even though there wasn't much walking involved.
...we cuddle, A LOT! He is our little snuggle bug! Here's Gma Cathy enjoying cuddling Elias.
...hanging out. Joel and Corbin watching the CUBS and eating some beef sticks...real men!
...Elias sleeps! We have had 2 really good nights and one not so good night! But, every afternoon we take advantage of a nap when Corbin is down for his!
Our little Snuggle Bug!
It really has been going pretty good. Whenever Corbin walks into a room he looks for Elias and says "bebe?". It is really cute to watch him love on him...gently!

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Anonymous said...

Glad that everything went well. My mom called me to tell me the great news, and how maybe you should get half off this delivery since the Dr. wasnt there. Ha Ha. He sure looks like a sweet little guy!